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General information about software E-commerce platform MixVel

Information about the Platform

The Platform is a digital eco-system, which consists of the following elements:

  • MixVel Web Agency Online Account – is the space for the administrator which allows the Agency to build up its structure and set up business rules according to the commercial policy of the Agency.

  • MixVel API – it’s a protocol of work with travel content.

The platform is aimed at simplification of the distribution process, and it allows Agencies a uniform process of realization and support of the services for all types of travel content: transfer content (airline, rail, sea etc.), accomodation (stays in hotels and apartments) and other extra services, which may be purchased in combination or separately from the content of transfer and accommodation.

Content and the Elements

The platform is a means to guarantee high degree of integration of participants of the Travel-market, which has the aim to increase the speed and the quality of data exchange.

Key features of the Platform are the following:

  • Intellectual search module which combines different types of Travel-content in the final delivery.

  • Recommendation algorithm to choose extra services for the basic ones.

  • Wider information from different sources about tourist products which is provided by the outside suppliers.

  • Flexible product set up for the particular needs of an Agency.

  • Simplicity and intuitiveness of the protocol which allows to integrate services of the Platform with the current algorithms of the Agencies.

  • Automatization of operations for after-sale support of orders.