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Service Operations

Service Operations

Obtaining Mixvel Dictionaries Data

General Terms

The Agent uses the Mixvel codifiers and dictionaries namespace to interact with Mixvel services.

To maintain correct interaction with Mixvel, the Agent downloads codifiers and dictionaries and updates them at some time intervals determined by the rules for interaction with Mixvel web services.

A separate external API is not allocated for the delivery of dictionaries to an agent - the corresponding methods are added to the general API.

Methods description are described in the XSD scheme Mixvel_Dictionaries_1_00.xsd (included in the set of documents).

Requests are sent from the external API to the Mixvel Dictionaries Management Subsystem.

Authorization is required when activating methods for obtaining directories.

List of Directories Available to the Agent

The following directories are available to an agent:

  1. Carriers dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/carriers).

  2. Cities dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/cities).

  3. Countries dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/countries).

  4. Payment forms dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/formsofpayment).

  5. Payment systems dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/paymentsystems).

  6. Stations dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/stations).

  7. TCH forms dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/tchblanks).

  8. Aircraft types dictionary (/api/get/Dictionary/aircrafts)

Dictionaries Data Obtaining Methods

All the GetDictionary* methods allow to obtain:

  • full up-to-date dictionary data at the time of the request;

  • modified dictionary objects after a specific date in the status as per the time of the request.

The request type is determined by an optional FromDate attribute.

The image looks like text The description is created automatically

Image 39

Its absence means a request for complete directory data.