History of changes

Version Date Changes
1.3.2 25.03.2024 Added functionality of issuing the Refund Receipt in the request OrderRetrieveRQ.
Added possibility to view the information from another GDS in the response OrderRetrieveRQ.
Added possibility to deliver the passengers’ extra parameters via the request AirShoppingRQ.
Added possibility to deliver the form of payment FF (payment at the UT site) in the responses OrderRetrieveRQ and OrderImportRQ.
Fixed the error of the currency code delivery at refund calculation.
Fixed the error in delivery of the sign of forced return in the request OrderReshopRQ.
Fixed the error of luggage and hand luggage incorrect display in requests AirShoppingRQ and OfferPriceRQ.
Fixed the error at the passengers’ passport data exchange.
Fixed the error of duplicating the agent’s contacts when changing the order.
Fixed the error of time delivery during the whole flight in the request AirShoppingRQ.
Fixed incorrect behavior when paying for an extra service before paying for the order, this payment used to be prohibited.
Fixed the error at itinerary receipts delivery which caused when changing the departure time.
Corrected the delivery of the time-zone in the response OrderHistoryRS.
1.3.1 21.12.2023 Added the new method OrderHistoryRQ/RS to view the order history.
Added a search filter which now allows to deliver only the offers with corporate rates.
Added the indicator that forced return is possible in case of a registered flight (in OrderViewRS).
Added delivery of information about the miles for a segment.
Added coupon number delivery before the ticket is issued.
Added detailed information about free baggage allowance.
Changed the working procedure of the price calendar so that now direct and connecting flights are delivered without extra filter; the new filter will now deliver direct flights only.
Added possibility to view a ticket with the final coupon status via an URL link in OrderViewRS.
Added display of extra services in the ‘UN’ status (previously, the services in this status were not displayed).
Added correct display of tariffs at request OfferPriceRQ/RS in combination with E2 (buses).
Added issuing of insurance policies for flights in TCH sessions, including secondary operations (refunds).
Added the functionality of preliminary refund calculation (without split) and exchange (with split).
Added information about the EMD type and about the attached SSR for the extra service in the response of ServiceListRS.
Fixed the bug in tariffication in the requests OrderCreateRQ and OrderImportRQ.
Fixed the bug when indicating only the arrival point in the request AirlineProfileRQ.
Fixed the error which used to occur when calculating the cost of the refund via OrderReshop.
Fixed the error which used to occur when refunding extra services via OrderReshop.
Fixed the error which occurred when booking orders after the request InvGuaranteeRQ.
Fixed the error of segments delivery which occurred at OrderRetrieveRQ in cases of manual segments addings (via terminal).
Fixed the error of zero delivery of luggage-free offers, when pointing ‘Multiseat’ as Preferred.
Corrected the delivery of data in the block TicketDocInfo after manual corrections.
1.3.0 22.11.2023 Added possibility to restore and update the order after it was cancelled by time limit.
Added possibility to reserve and book flights for passengers who have extra seats EXST and STCR.
Added possibility to deliver CurCode in ServiceListRQ and SeatAvailabilityRQ.
Added possibility to deliver the criterium which switches off compensational operation if it is impossible to pay the order.
Added information regarding the time zones including time zone changes into the following dictionaries: stations, cities.
Added new pattern LoyaltyProgramAccountList in DataList (the old schema is going to be switched off in the future releases, we’ll inform you on this in advance).
Added an element which indicates manual interventions into the order in OrderViewRS.
Added delivery of the flight number when requesting the carrier’s directions in AirlineProfileRQ.
Added possibility to order extra services with zero price after the reservation was paid.
Сorrected the delivery of hand luggage allowance.
Added possibility to run partial payment within one MixOrder.
Added correct delivery of the flag for a non-refundable ticket in a branded offer.
Added description of the fields OrderChangeNotif and OrderNotif for the notifications service.
Fixed the error which appeared at delivery of the route fare at docking.
Fixed the error which was delivered at exchange of flight segments.
Fixed the error which was delivered at requesting the information on the order with final coupon statuses.
Fixed incorrect delivery of PaymentTimeLimitDateTime in OrderViewRS.
Fixed the error which was delivered when notifications were sent.
When making changes using OrderChangeRQ, it's necessary to mention in DataList only those passengers, who are mentioned in the request itself. 27.09.2023 Added possibility to search and book charter flights and seats from the special areas.
Added possibility to change the form of payment at the step of Mixvel_OrderChangeRQ.
Added possibility to choose the catalogue by the aircraft type.
Added possibility to choose the filter by the language of the brand description.
Added possibility to set the filter in all the MixVel methods by the language in which the data input is run.
Added delivery of the operating and leasing carrier into the requests in which this information was missing.
Added possibility to import the order by the ticket number with the passenger’s first/father’s/last names being delivered as well.
Added delivery of the POS code for the finished booking and order payment.
Added delivery of the parent reservation number at order splitting.
Added possibility to input the passenger’s additional documents for obtaining benefits and discounts.
Added possibility to run partial payment within one MixOrder.
Added possibility to settle the capture of a booking which was created in another GDS.
Fixed the bug which appeared at search of variants during exchange.
Fixed the bug which occurred within a paid order when adding a remark on the passenger without the father’s name.
Fixed the error regarding indication in OriginDepCriteria of the AirlineProfileRQ only the departure point.
Fixed the error which was delivered at transfer of notification files.
Fixed the bug regarding the OrderRetrieveRQ, when changing the departure time, the PaxJourney was left with reference to a not existing segment.
Fixed the bug of duplication of loyalty cards in the order. 22.08.2023 Added possibility of search by the class premium-economy.
Added possibility of manual mask input for applying the agent’s discount.
Added possibility to run exchange from one segment to two segments, and vice versa (a transfer flight to a direct one, and vice versa).
Added the display of EMD coupons amount at the stage of adding EMDs into the order, and after the payment.
Added the display of the TimeZone of the connection station into the dictionary Stations.
Added possibility to input FQTV, after FQTV was inputted into the order.
Corrected the display of EMDs in Mixvel_OrderViewRS: each EMD will stand in a separate TicketDocInfo with its own price specification.
Added the link of the EMD «Different Payments» to the ticket number.
Added the display of the agent’s commission into the costs data for the extra services.
Added the display of VAT for the extra services, after they are paid.
Improved the work of the filter by the connections in Mixvel_AirShoppingRQ – ConnectionCriteria.
Added possibility to input an alpha-numeric flight number into the filter in Mixvel_AirShoppingRQ.
Added possibility to input remarks into the booking after a pre-booking by the method Mixvel_InvGarantee.
Added the display of luggage by tariff routes in Mixvel_ServiceListRS.
Added the display of flight dates in the Mixvel_AirlineProfileRS at requesting the carrier’s directions.
Improved the logic for the splitted orders: the PaxList in Mixvel_SeatAvailabilityRS/Mixvel_ServiceListRS after the split contains the passengers, which are related to the particular Order.
Fixed the bug at reserving a EMD with zero price.
Fixed the bug at adding extra services at Mixvel_OrderCreateRQ for 2 ADT+INF.
Fixed the bug of incorrect display of hand luggage weight.
Fixed the bug at booking a multiseat offer.
Fixed the bug at OrderRetrieve request by OrderID, PNR, Ticket, after the ticket was refunded.
Modified the display of the segments at OrderImport: at importing the order with a few segments in different statuses, all the segments are delivered sorted by the departure date.
fixed the bug of displaying an infant which was added outside MixVel, now the data is retrieved at Mixvel_OrderRetrieveRS. 10.07.2023 Added possibility to add group bookings.
Added possibility to put a booking «Into the Subclass on the Waitlist» and «Request».
Added possibility to carry out a combined form of payment for the order, and also to pay separately for each passenger within one booking.
Added possibility to settle payment for Prepaid Expense – in neutral stock; for Annual Ticket, Bank Check, Service Request – in direct session.
Added possibility to add / remove segments into/from a not-paid order.
Added functionality to display the airline and of the flight in the AirShoppingRS when requesting the best prices in the dates range.
Added functionality to receive updates for the bookings which were modified in third-party systems.
Added the filter which allows to exclude a particular class of service in the AirShoppingRQ.
Added possibility to use the filter in AirShoppingRQ for the departure and arrival time interval when requesting the best prices in the dates range.
Added possibility to receive the best prices in the dates range for connecting flights via AirShoppingRQ.
Added a new SSR of the FOID type (the possibility to transmit the passenger data by a remark).
Added the possibility to transfer the agency contact details from the database without manual filling in.
Added the display of EMD-S for the fine at a manual refund with price detailing.
Fixed the bug regarding the tariff and the offer price change at the booking stage.
Fixed the bug regarding display of offers for different categories of passengers in OfferPrice.
Fixed the bug regarding the stopover display in the schedule request in Mixvel_AirlineProfile.
Fixed the bug in calculating the price for extra services refund in round-trip flights.
Fixed the bug regarding the display of identical tickets in OrderViewRS.
Fixed the bug regarding the display of PriceClassRefID for the brand in OfferPriceRS.
Fixed the bug regarding the update of elements OrderTickets at OrderImport. 15.05.2023 Added possibility to filter by brand in AirShoppingRQ.
Added possibility to filter by time in AirShopping.
Added the value for the field "TicketDocTypeCode" for the EMD-S regarding fines and penalties.
Added possibility to create two identical extra services before and after payment.
Added possibility to deliver the amount of stopovers during the flight.
Changed the mapping of fines at the refund procedures (OrderReshopRS).
Corrected the mistake of delivery of free extra services in OrderRetrieve/OrderView.
Corrected the mistake of the missing SeatProfileRefID at adding the extra service of seats choosing.
Corrected the mistake in delivery of PaxSegment /OfferPrice.
Corrected the mistakes in SeatAvailability at repeated request and mapping of zero rates.
Corrected the mistakes mistakes in the incorrect delivery of the tax ZZ in OfferItem (AirShoppingRS and OfferPriceRS).
Corrected the mistake in the Retrieve request. 10.04.2023 Added possibility to void EMD without cancel / change of e-ticket.
Added manual mask of EMD sell / refund.
Added possibility to enter new SSRs while creating a booking and for an existing booking.
Corrected delivery of branded offers by flights for different airline companies within one order in OfferPriceRS.
Corrected delivery of information onVAT in TicketDocInfo by tickets of each airline company within one order.
Introduced update of payment at exchange and refund.
Added delivery of the actual coupon status for OrderRertrieveRQ (for the coupon which was refunded or updated).
Added delivery of contact data for OrderImportRS.
Corrected the delivery of the statement code for the tickets after payment issued under the MixVel code 15 in OrderViewRS.
Corrected the mistake which occurred at payment due to the agent’s commission added.
Corrected mistake which occurred at booking with an incorrect loyalty card.
Corrected mistake which occurred at adding remarks different from endorsement.
Corrected mistake which occurred at booking an offer for 3D contracts for a Round Trip.
Corrected mistake which occurred at settling offers for seats on board of aircraft for free seats at SeatAvailabilityRS.
Corrected the delivery of the tariffs for children with and without discounts. 15.03.2023 Added possibility to view the booking via the PNR number and via the e-ticket number at OrderRetrieveRQ.
Added support of the passengers categories in Cyrilic.
Added delivery of the amount of blanks at AirShoppingRQ/RS, OfferPriceRQ/RS.
Added the functionality to transfer data to pay extra services via IPS.
Added delivery of service_type in ServiceDefinition for extra services.
Added the functionality to refund partly used tickets.
Added the functionality of manual changes in fees/penalties at ticket refunds (manual mask for a ticket refund).
Added the delivery of status of SSR elements.
Added delivery of departure and landing time at OrderReshopRS.
Added possibility to attach SSR to the segment at PaxSegmentRefID input.
Corrected the error which occurred at billing fares for choosing a seat on a flight.
Corrected the error which occurred at booking a brand / luggage tariff.
Corrected the error of mapping the fields EquivAmount vs BaseAmount, and optimized calculation of the total cost of transportation.
Corrected the error which lead to loyalty cards deleting.
Corrected the error which occurred at booking the luggage at non-branded tariffs.
Corrected the error which occurred at booking orders for 3D contracts.
Corrected the error which occurred at linking extra luggage to the passengers.
Optimized the delivery of PaxList in OrderViewRS after split. 01.02.2023 Added the function to add / delete extra services in the order (after the booking was created).
Added the possibility to do release seats without ticket refund (to refund seats without ticket refund).
Added the function of the Online-Ticket and Queues.
Added the ability to deliver Itinerary Receipt fields in OrderView (to form the Itinerary Receipt on the Agent’s side).
Added the ability to add / delete remarks in the bookings which were created outside MixVel.
Corrected the error regarding the refund for orders with calculations in foreign currencies.
Corrected the error which led to incorrect delivery of timelimit for a booking for each offer at AirShoppingRS and OfferPriceRS.
Corrected the error which led to duplication of segments at viewing orders with a cancelled flight.
Eliminated the error which led to lack of possibility to pay extra services for orders in HD status.
Eliminated the error which occurred at bookings (PaxJourneySplitter).
Eliminated the error which occurred at tariffication of 3D contracts at search with a child.
Eliminated the error which occurred at milage cards delivery for the Ural Airlines at 3D contracts usage.
Eliminated the error which occurred at adding a milage card into the order.
Corrected the error due to which not all the alternative offers were delivered.
Improved the order payment process (the full lifecircle).
Improved the workflow at which not only the date, but also the segment’s time is refreshed at OrderRetrieve.
Updated the FriendlyError directory (for no flights). 20.12.2022 Added the functionality to choose a seat (seat map) for a booking.
Added the possibility to add a loyalty card.
Added the possibility to create bookings (orders) for two passengers with identical first names and last names (this update doesn’t affect fully identical names of the passengers – last name, first name, father’s name).
Added the functionality of multi-steps search of big amount of offers and more suitable varianta at AirShopping.
Added the possibility to indicate the passenger’s telephone number which coinsides with the Agent’s telephone number (at booking).
The logic of contact data delivery of contact data at booking was modified, so that now it’s necessary to indicate the actual Agency’s phone number. And if the booking is done for several passengers, it’s necessary to make a link of contacts for each passenger by filling in the identificatory ContactInfoID.
Added the delivery of extra services statuses.
Added the correct delivery of extra services with price “0”.
Added the FOP “SU”. 05.12.2022 The service “non-accompanied child” was added (the statuses of extra services are planned for further releases).
Automatic exchange of the ticket at the route change was added.
The function of advance booking of seats (capture / freeze).
The function of receiving the routes and schedules by the airline company was added.
Retalization by calculation of the refund price with details by the passenger was added.
The possibility to use the land segmen in compound routes was added.
Added new error codes for friendly errors.
New error codes (friendly errors) were added.
The possibility to change the passenger’s passport data at any stage of the booking was added.
The possibility to limit the delivery of offers to increase the response speed of AirShopping was added.
The ability of manual TimeLimit setting for payment was added.
Possibility of feature delivery for the refundable / non-refundable rate in offerItem at AirShoppingRS was added.
The possibility of IssuingCountryCode input in Cyrilic was added.
The possibility of timelimit delivery for a booking from each offer (AirShoppingRS, OfferPriceRS).
The filter for choosing rates with / without luggage at AirShopping was added.
Updates were made to the work of the multimodal modul (airplane+bus).
The mistake at the multibrand search was eliminated.
The mistake at OrderRetrieve by OrderID was eliminated.
The mistake at OrderRetrieve get_itin_receipts_data without fare was eliminated.
The work of OfferPrice was improved.
The AirShopping search for routes in different pemispheres for a particular dates was improved.
The work of AirShopping at connecting flights search was improved.
The process of linking of seats to the passengers was corrected.
The offer’s (TTL) lifesycle length was increased up to 45 minutes.
The mistake in validation of the field “address” in the Boss Agency’s account was corrected. 08.11.2022 The filter for choosing baggage / non-baggage fares at AirShopping was added.
The filter to choose an offer by 2 cabins at AirShopping was added.
The function multiseat was added (a booking for together-travelling passengers to different classes / subclasses within one multi shopping cart).
Detalization of VAT was added for the whole life circle of the booking.
Detalization by fees, coupon and ticket was added: the fare, NUC, exchange rates.
Detalization by calculation of the fare in OrderView was added.
Data on the Fare TimeLimit was added to OrderView (Fare TimeLimit).
Delivery of the feature of many-sided agreement (М2) was added to AirShopping.
Possibility to settle TimeOut at delivering the request of the price calendar.
A mistake of work with non-branded fares was corrected.
The delivery of the operating carrier at AirShopping was improved. 07.10.2022 Added the possible to split the order.
Extended Mile Card functionality: Miles Card data can now be added to the order at any stage. 19.09.2022 Added automatic ticket exchange when changing the passenger data (without split).
Realized transfer of signs «void time» and «time of forced refund» in requests and responses.
Implemented the «TimeOut» field transfer: when specifying the indicator of this field, for example, 15 seconds, the system will return all the offers that it finds in the specified time period.
Corrected addition of issuance of unbranded fares in «OfferPrice».
Fixed the problem of using multiple CabinType in AirShopping request
1.2.3 02.09.2022 Added the possibility to work with forms of payment for the MTD, as well as PFR and SIF.
Implemented the possibility to add a filter on the form of payment at the stages of Mixvel_AirShopping, Mixvel_OfferPrice, Mixvel_OrderCreate.
Implemented the function of cancellation of tickets without cancellation of seats.
Added the possibility to enter a remark (OSI) in the process of booking and in the existing booking.
Added the possibility to work with special services (SSR) in the existing booking.
Adjusted and supplemented the function of changing the passenger data in the stages before and after ticket issuance.
Realized the possibility of adding an infant to an existing booking.
Improved the process of issued of additional services.
Added the possibility to work with station/city/airport codes TCH.
Implemented the process of checking the compliance of FOP specified at different stages of order creation.
Added the functionality for obtaining information about additional services provided by the airline.
Realized the possibility to receive the date/time of booking.
Stabilized the process of receiving the date of departure/arrival in the segments when booking.
Added the functionality of adding/paying for additional services in paid booking.
Adjusted the operation of Excluded filter for service class when searching for commercial offers.
Optimized the work with multiblank offers.
Corrected the process of sequential segment transfer during OfferPrice-OrderCreate stages.
Optimized API operation (increased request processing speed).
1.2.2 02.08.2022 Realized the possibility of adding additional services to an already existing booking.
Added the possibility to work with subsidized fares: search/update/booking/payment/refund.
Changed the calculation of the total flight time (taking into account the transfers time).
Added a new payment method - PC (IPS).
Added the possibility to combine flights of different carriers (variants of M2 and multiticketing).
Added the possibility to rate a child at an adult fare.
Added the possibility to work with codifiers of TCH avicompanies.
Improved the process of updating the status of booking when cancelling or cancellation.
Optimized the work of the calendar in AirShopping.
Fixed the bug with the agency phone duplicate in the passenger phone field.
Fixed the bug of binding of Zhukovsky airport to Moscow region.
1.2.1 07.07.2022 Improved API stability.
Implemented the functionality of adding miles cards to the order.
Realized the possibility of adding the connection station at the search stage.
Added possibility to specify filters by airline code and flight number.
Stabilized the registration of additional services in the order
Expanded information on types of additional brand services (Free, Chargeable, Displayed but not offered, Not offered).
1.2.0 06.06.2022 Improved API stability.
Added ResponseParameters structure in Mixvel_AirShopping method to get possibility to specify agent manual fees.
Added ability to specify filters by airline code and flight number.
1.1.5 12.04.2022 Improved API stability.
Added information about receiving StructureUnitId.
1.1.4 22.02.2022 Updated information on classes used in Mixvel.
Added display of the aircraft types performing transportation for all Providers.
Corrected ServiceCategory field for all providers in terms of grouping ancillary services.
Added possibility to add SSR DOCS and DOCO in Mixvel_OrderCreateRQ method.
Corrected the status of an ancillary service for TCH OwnerCode when displaying current view of the Order.
Added information from the service provider regarding the demanded language usage for the booking.
Added PricingMethodCriteria filter in Mixvel_AirShopping method to get extended or reduced pricing of available providers.
1.1.3 19.01.2022 Improved API stability.
OrderItemID changes if changes have been made to OrderItem.
Mixvel_OrderRules displays through and RT fares.
1.1.2 28.12.2021 Improved API stability.
Implemented a seat characteristic code.
1.1.0 06.12.2021 Implemented SeatAvailability for TCH OwnerCode.
Added detailed description for Offer.
Added detailed description for Order.
Added airlines search filter.
Added connections filter.
Implemented sales at corporate discounts and promocodes (3D Agreements).
Implemented Mixvel_OrderRules method for TCH OwnerCode.
Implemented refund and void for TCH OwnerCode.
1.0.6 11.11.2021 Added IN payment form for Mixvel providers.
Added a clarification regarding document identification in the TicketDocInfo structure.
Improved API stability.
1.0.5 27.10.2021 Added ValidatingPartyList structure that defines the validating carrier / provider for Offer / Order to Mixvel_AirShopping, Mixvel_OfferPrice, Mixvel_ServiceList, Mixvel_SeatAvailability, Mixvel_OrderView.
1.0.4 08.10.2021 Added brand description in Mixvel_AirShopping response for TCH OwnerCode.
Added OriginRef attribute of PaxRefID element to Mixvel_OrderView for TCH OwnerCode.
Implemented Mixvel_OfferPrice method for TCH OwnerCode.
1.0.3 28.09.2021 Improved API stability.
Added regulation for managing changes in MixVel API changes.
Added description of the billed MixVel API methods used in the MixVel Cashier.
1.0.2 09.09.2021 Added Provider attribute to the OwnerCode element.
Changed logic of the element in terms of Session display.
Added Credit Card (CC) and PK (Banking Card) forms of payment.
1.0.1 01.09.2021 Improved API stability.
1.0.0 19.08.2021 Transmission of provider errors in the response.
Adjusted ticket coupon statuses for SU NDC Provider.
Added RFIC and RFISC of services in the Mixvel_SeatAvailiability response.
Added Invoice forms of payment for a TCH OwnerCode.
0.9.9 10.08.2021 Improved API stability.
0.9.8 28.07.2021 Improved API stability.
Implemented change of contact information in TCH OwnerCode Orders.
Added Avaiplus workflow for SU NDC Provider..
0.9.7 14.07.2021 Implemented refund for a part of passengers in an Order for the TCH Owner code.
Optimized responses in Mixvel_AirShopping and Mixvel_OfferPrice.
0.9.6 13.07.2021 Added optional Mixvel_OrderRules method for SU NDC provider.
Removed OwnerCode field from the Mixvel_OrderCreateRQ and Mixvel_OrderChangeRQ.
Unified DataList for all Mixvel responses.
Made available minimum prices calendar for all OwnerCodes and Providerss.
Corrected ReportingCodeType field for the Mixvel_OrderView request
0.9.5 06.07.2021 Added Mixvel_OrderImport method.
Added Mixvel_OfferPrice method.
Implemented best prices calendar in the AirShopping method for the TCH OwnerCode.
Corrected BaseAmount view when using the Mixvel_Airshopping method for the TCH Owner code.
Updated Mixvel_OrderView response with additional data on electronicdocuments and coupons.
0.9.4 29.06.2021 Added reference method Mixvel_AirlineProfile.
Added calendar of best prices (CalendarDateCriteria) to the Mixvel_AirShopping method.
Provided ability to add a tour code, endorsement and SSR DOCA in the Mixvel_OrderCreate method.
Provided view of the parent document at EMD-A issuance, date and time of issuance, VAT in Mixvel_OrderView.
Changed order of payment in Mixvel_OrderChange .
0.9.3 18.06.2021 Added display of free seats in the Mixvel_AirShopping method.
Added description of Mixvel_SeatAvailability method.
0.9.2 25.05.2021 Added cancellation and refund operations.
0.9.1 12.05.2021 Detailed description of secondary operations. 27.04.2021 Changed structures for error messages for all methods and schemes.
Set ElementFormDefault in all schemas as unqualified.
Set Mixvel_AirShoppingRQ/Party as required element.
Recorded main data types of Mixvel_AirShoppingRQ to Mixvel_CommonTypes.xsd Mixvel_CommonTypes.xsd
Added Required element: Mixvel_OrderViewRS / Response / MixOrder / TotalAmount
Removed version number from Mixvel_Envelope scheme.
Added Section 5 with description of Mixvel structures and error codes.
Updated description of the Mixvel_OrderCancel method - the response structure.
0.8.5 30.03.2021 Expanded Auth method – added mandatory element StructureUnitId.
0.8.4 19.03.2021 Updated messages samples.
0.8.3 16.03.2021 Deleted unused structures in XSD schemas.
0.8.1 16.02.2021 Updated API method endpoints.
0.8 12.02.2021 Updated Commercial offer schemes.
Updated XML examples and description of message structures.
Added section with object identification rules.
0.7 29.01.2021 Document created.