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Life Cycle Description

The description of processes supports the lifecycle of the soft «MixVel E-Commerce Platform» including eliminating the defects and general improvement, and also information about the staff which is necessary for the support function.

Date: 01.02.2023


The current guide describes processes which provide support for the lifecycle of the soft «MixVel E-Commerce Platform» including the regulations for the support team..

The Software’s Lifecycle

The soft «MixVel E-Commerce Platform» is a cloud solution. The soft and the data are hosted on the server of the LLC «DataLine». The Customers register their accounts on the site to get access to the cloud service. If necessary, the customers realize electronic interaction of their own information system with the soft «MixVel E-Commerce Platform» via MixVel API.

For the soft’s versions control each release has its own number like «X.Y.Z», where X — number of the version of the product, Y — number of the component (module), Z — build number of the component.

A new version is released according to the need. In the process of deploy there is no need to stop the servive. At interaction with the soft «MixVel E-Commerce Platform» via MixVel API the Customers may make changes in their own systems.

Information on Improvements of the Software

The functionality of the soft «MixVel E-Commerce Platform» is constantly expanding. The market’s research is done, and new tools are implemented, which allow the agents to perform their operations smoothly and easily.

After deploy of a new version of the soft, the producer also provides a refreshed User Manual. In the guides there is also history of changes, which reflects the changes.

Information about Bug Fixing in the Course of Software Usage

The bugs whiсh are revealed in the course of software usage can be fixed in two ways:

  • mass automatic updating of software components;
  • individual work of a technical support specialist with the request of the user.

In case of bugs or in case of any necessity of extra development, the customer sends a request to the developer. The request should comprise the letter subject, the description, and if possible – the log-files which are recorded while the soft works.

Standard Regulation of Technical Support

Terms of Service for Technical Support

The technical support services are provided on individual basis as according to the settled agreement with each customer.

Channels of Requests Delivery to the Technical Support

Requests for technical support are sent by the customers via e-mail.

Fulfilling Requests for Technical Support

At sending a request for technical support the customer indicates the following data:

  • the name of the stand (TEST/PROD);
  • problem description;
  • time period when the problem occurred;
  • log-file of the request and of the mistake which the system delivered.

The Procedure of Technical Support Delivery

Each request to the technical support is processed by the following way:

  1. The technical support service sends a message to the customer that the request was received.
  2. The executor is assigned to the request.
  3. The executor identifies the cause of the problem. If necessary, the executor requests extra information from the customer.
  4. When the cause is found, the executor takes the following steps:

  5. If the problem resulted from incorrect actions of the user when working with the software, the executor explains which actions the user should perform.

  6. If the problem occurred on the software side, the executor transfers the request to another service, which points out in which part the problem occurred and how it can be resolved. The customer is provided with variants potential solutions.

  7. The customer commits to implement all the recommendations and provide the necessary extra information to the specialists so that the issue is resolved as early as possible.

  8. In case of software improvement, the executor informs the customer about the release date of the update.

Closing the Technical Support Requests

After the response is delivered, the request is considered to be completed, and it remains in this status until confirmation is received from the customer that the incident is resolved. In case of justified disagreement from the customer regarding the completion of the request, the execution of the incident continues.

The completed request moves to the status closed after the executor receives confirmation from the customer that the incident was resolved. If there is no response from the customer for 3 days, the request is automatically moved to the status closed. The customer may also initiate the incident slosure if their the need to get responce to the request is gone.

The Stuff to Support the LifeCycle

The Stuff and the Competencies of the Copyright Holder

Direction Competences Number of employees
1 Backend Development С#, JavaScript, TypeScript 4
2 Web-Applications Development JavaScript, Angular, PHP 3
3 Development of integration solutions С#, JavaScript, TypeScript 10
4 Software Tester Experience in developing autotests, load testing 12
5 Software Technical Support Communication skills, technical literacy, knowledge of the developer's products 8

The above mentioned specialists are full-time employees of the copyright holder.

Customer Competencies Requirements

Direction Competence Desired Amount
1 Service connection Advanced PC user 1
2 Operation PC User 1

Software Developer Contact Information

Legal Information

Information on the legal entity of the company:

  • Name of the Company: JSC «Sirena-Travel»
  • Legal Address: 125167, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, bld. 37, block. 12, floor 4, room 42
  • OGRN (main state registration number): 1027700230722
  • **INN (individual tax number) **: 7714171484

Technical support contact information

It's possible to contact the technical support specialists using one of the following ways:

The actual location of the development infrastructure: Russian Federation, 125167, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, bld. 37, block 12.

The actual address where the developers work: Russian Federation, 125167, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, bld. 37, block 12.

The actual location of the support team: Russian Federation, 191025, Saint Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, bld. 104 letter А, floor 3, room 316 letter 6, Business Centre «Tempo».

Actual server hosting addresses:

  1. Russian Federation, 125412, Moscow, Korovinskoe shosse, 41, DataLine, Data-center NORD.
  2. Russian Federation, 111020, Moscow, Borovaya street, 7, стр. 10, DataLine, Data-center OST.