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Web Service Error Codes

General Provisions

Errors Meaning

Erors denoting unsuccessful performance of one or another operation. Errors have a global context,

Warnings meaning either partial execution of the operation or a message about the impossibility to perform the operation according to the established business processes, which is not an error.

Error levels

MixVel API provides for 3 levels of error transmission::

Level 1: Envelope/Body/Error/

Includes errors related to:

  1. Violation of the request format (fails to match the XSD scheme).

  2. Authorization (request not authorized).

level 2: Mixvel_[AirShopping]RS/Error

Such errors appear if the request is not fully processed.

This includes errors related to logical check of a request and request processing results, such as:

  • wrong departure dates;
  • negative number of passengers;
  • non-existent stations;
  • missing content;
  • etc.

Level 3 (Warning): Mixvel_[AirShopping]RS/Response/Warning

The request is processed, the result is submitted, but with a number of limitations.

Structures for Errors Transmission

MixVel API implements the following structure:

Picture 40

ErrorType — error logical type. Obtains meanings:

BadRequest — request error.

InternalServerError — error in the Mixvel API.

ProviderError is an error on the provider's side.

CanRetry — if it is possible to re-send the message. Takes values «true»/«false».

RetryAfter* — if CanRetry = true, the recommended number of seconds is indicated, after which it is necessary to resend the request.

TicketId —if Mixvel generates a ticket in the incident filing system, its identifier will be transmitted here.

Code — error code. Error codes are listed below in this manual.

DescText — a textual description of an error.

Errors code list

ErrorCode ErrorType ErrorDesc
I. Auth
1. MIX-100100001 BadRequest InvalidUsernameOrPassword
Wrong login or password
2. MIX-100100002 BadRequest AuthenticationFailed
This functionality is not available to you. Please contact support to check your access
II. Common
1. MIX-100100006 BadRequest BadXmlRequest
XML request not being recognised/resolved. + xmlExceptionMessage
2. MIX-100100005 BadRequest EnvelopeValidation
The request structure does not match XSD ({errorLevel}): {validationEvent.Message}
3. MIX-100100004 BadRequest DictionaryItemNotFound
Meaning ({standard}:{code}) of element {entityCode} missing from the codifiers. Refer to directories of MixVel
4. MIX-100100007 BadRequest OfferNotFound
Suggestions ({string.Join(',', invalidOfferIds)}) are not found or expired
5. MIX-100100003 BadRequest OperationNotAllowed
Method prohibited
6. MIX-100000001 InternalServerError OperationCancelledByUser
Request canceled by user
7. MIX-100200004 BadRequest RequestNotSupportedByProvider
Request does not supported by Provider: {requestError}
8. MIX-100100008 BadRequest RequestNotSupportedByProvider
Specified currency '{currency}' is not supported
9. MIX-100100009 BadRequest CurrencyNotAllowed
Specified currency '{currency}' is not set for this Department
10. MIX-100100010 BadRequest CurrencyNotAllowed
No currency is set for this Department
11. MIX-100100011 BadRequest Concurrency
Another operation is being performed in parallel on the requested resource.
12. MIX-100200002 InternalServerError InternalServiceError
Internal service error. Contact technical support (malfunction № {mixvelTraceId})
13. MIX-100200003 BadRequest OperationNotImplementedByProviderException
Operation not supported by vendor
14. MIX-100200001 InternalServerError ServiceTemporarilyUnavailable
Service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in{retryAfterSec.ToString()} seconds
III. AirShopping
1. MIX-100102002 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
Search using Mixvel_LocationID is not currently supported. Repeat the request using IATA and TCH codes
2. MIX-100102003 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
Multiple entry of promotional codes is not currently supported
3. MIX-100102004 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
The total value of date ranges must not exceed {maxDateRange}
4. MIX-100102005 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
The number of infants allowed for free transportation exceeds the maximum number allowed per adult passenger
5. MIX-100102006 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
When specifying several ProgramCriteria, it is necessary to fill in OwnerCode for each program
6. MIX-100102007 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
Several ProgramCriteria are specified for one OwnerCode
7. MIX-100102008 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
To search by brand, you must additionally specify a filter by airline for each segment
8. MIX-100102009 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
OriginDestRefID {key} is not linked to OriginDestCriteria
9. MIX-100102010 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
The request does not indicate a single passenger (missing PaxList)
10. MIX-100102011 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
Passenger category not specified
11. MIX-100102001 BadRequest ViolateDepartureDate
Past departure date range
12. MIX-100102002 BadRequest ViolateDepartureDate
The departure date range is incorrect
13. MIX-100102012 BadRequest Simultaneous input is not allowed {nameof(ConnectionCriteriaType.MaximumConnectionQty)}='0' и {nameof(ConnectionCriteriaType.StationCriteria)}
IV. ServiceList
1. MIX-100104001 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
OfferRequest can only contain one Offer
V. OfferPrice
1. MIX-100103002 BadRequest PassengerNotFound
Passengers with IDs '{string.Join(" ", paxIds)}' not found
2. MIX-100103001 BadRequest OfferIdIsNotActual
Requested flights for OfferId {offerId} irrelevant. Try a different offer.
VI. OrderCreate
1. MIX-100107001 BadRequest OffersAlreadyReservedError
These offers have already been booked: {offerIds}
2. MIX-100107002 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The offer(s) ({offerIds}) in the request does not have a parent
3. MIX-100107003 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Requested OfferItemId(s) {offerItemIds} are not part of the offer
4. MIX-100107004 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The specified OfferItemId {offerItemIds} is not present in the request
5. MIX-100107005 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The PaxSegmentRefID {remarkPaxSegmentId} specified in the remark was not found in the booked offer
6. MIX-100107006 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The request does not include any phone number
7. MIX-100107007 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The request does not indicate a single passenger contact (no ContactInfoList)
8. MIX-100107008 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
In a remark '{remarkType.ToString()}' {(isRequired ? "" : "Not ")}Passenger connection required
9. MIX-100107009 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
In a remark '{remarkType.ToString()}' {(isRequired ? "" : "Not ")}segment connection required
10. MIX-100107010 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
In a remark '{remarkType}' {(isRequired ? "required" : "prohibited")} custom text
11. MIX-100107011 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
For the loyalty program {loyalty} it is necessary to indicate PaxSegmentRefID
12. MIX-100107012 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Bookings with one loyalty card for multiple offers are not currently supported
13. MIX-100107013 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Offers use different forms of payment
VII. OrderChange
1. MIX-100109001 BadRequest EnvelopeValidation
In the request structure OrderChange.Request.ChangeOrder.UpdateOrderItem it is permissible to indicate one of: AcceptOffer or DeleteOrderItemList.
2. MIX-100109002 BadRequest EnvelopeValidation
Return operations are only possible for paid orders..
3. MIX-100109003 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Offer(s) ({offerIds}) belong to the other parent
4. MIX-100109004 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Order(s) ({orderIds}) not found in the requested multicart
5. MIX-100109005 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Order {orderId} is in the 'Completed' status. It is not possible to change the data of the specified passengers in the order.
6. MIX-100109006 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The passenger category is not available for adding to the booking.
7. MIX-100109007 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
An error occurred while deleting passenger(s) data. The operation is not allowed.
8. MIX-100109008 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
This PaxID = '{paxId}' is not in the specified order
9. MIX-100109009 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The given PaxID = '{paxId}' is doubled
10. MIX-100109010 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Passenger contact ID given = '{contactId}' already specified in the order
11. MIX-100109011 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The PaxRefID '{paxId}' specified in the remark was not found in the order
12. MIX-100109012 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The PaxSegmentRefID '{paxSegmentId}' specified in the remark was not found in the order
13. MIX-100109013 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The specified remark '{type}' ({text}) was not found in the order
14. MIX-100109014 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The specified loyalty '{accountNumber}' was not found in the order. Execute OrderRetrieve to get the current order status
15. MIX-100109015 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The document '{docTypeRef}' specified for modification was not found
16. MIX-100109016 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The total cost of your refund calculation has changed. Repeat the calculation
17. MIX-100109017 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Order '{orderId}' is not associated with passenger '{paxRefId}'
18. MIX-100109018 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Manual return is only possible for all passengers of the order
19. MIX-100109019 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The given PaxID = '{paxId}', PaxSegmentID = '{paxSegmentId}' is doubled
20. MIX-100109020 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
For a manual exchange/return operation, it is necessary to transfer the segments requested to OrderReshopRQ
21. MIX-100109021 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The manual exchange/return estimate has been made for all order segments; please add cost details for the following segments: {string.Join(',', paxSegmentIds)}
22. MIX-100109022 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
It is forbidden to use negative values ​​in manual return
23. MIX-100109023 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
It is forbidden to use '{nameof(TaxOperationType)}.{nameof(TaxOperationType.Move)}' in a manual return
24. MIX-100109024 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Manual return is only possible for manual calculations
25. MIX-100109025 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Automatic refund is only possible for calculations in automatic mode
26. MIX-100109026 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
OrderItem = '{orderItemRefId}' not associated with EMD
27. MIX-100109027 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
For a manual EMD return operation, it is necessary to transfer the OrderItem requested toOrderReshopRQ
28. MIX-100109028 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
The operation is not valid for OrderItemID: {string.Join(',', orderItemIds)}
VIII. OrderCancel
1. MIX-100110003 InconsistentRequestError NoOrdersToCancel
Coupon EMD for OrderItem = '{string.Join(',', orderItemIds)}' missing
2. MIX-1001100011 BadRequest NoOrdersToCancel
The multicart does not contain orders available for cancellation
3. MIX-100110004 BadRequest NoOrdersToCancel
The order does not contain EMD coupons available for cancellation
4. MIX-100110002 BadRequest OrderStatusMismatchError
The order has been changed, use the OrderRetrieve method and repeat the request if necessary
IX. Reshop
1. MIX-100111007 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
No form of payment specified
2. MIX-100111001 BadRequest PartialRefundNotSupported
Evaluation of return conditions is possible only for a fully paid Multicart
3. MIX-100111002 BadRequest OrderIsNotRefundable
Order returns are not allowed
4. MIX-100111003 BadRequest PassengerNotFound
Passenger {paxId} not found
5. MIX-100111004 BadRequest PassengerNotFound
Payment for exchange is allowed only for one passenger
6. MIX-100111005 BadRequest OrderIsAlreadyRefunded
Order {orderId} has already been returned
7. MIX-100111006 BadRequest MixOrderHasNoOrderToRefund
There are no orders for return in Multicart {mixOrderId}
8. MIX-100111008 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Document with type {docType} was not found on the passenger
9. MIX-100111009 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
This PaxSegmentID = '{paxSegmentRefId}' is duplicated
10. MIX-100111010 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Order '{orderId}' does not have paid tickets for exchange
11. MIX-100111011 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Order must be paid with '{orderId}' to evaluate return conditions
12. MIX-100111012 BadRequest InconsistentRequestError
Specifying a form of payment when returning is prohibited
X. PriceCalendar
1. MIX-100006 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
FlightRequest can contain maximum 2 OriginDestCriteria
2. MIX-100006 BadRequest UnsupportedRequest
Price calendar using Exclude filter is not currently supported
XI. OrderPayment
1. MIX-107004 BadRequest MixOrderNotAllowed
The Order MixVel (ID = {mixOrderId}) submitted for payment does not correspond to the Order declared by the Agency
2. MIX-107005 BadRequest OrdersInFrozenState
Order MixVel (ID = {mixOrderId}) in the process of payment
3. MIX-107007 BadRequest OrdersAlreadyPayedWithDifferentFop
Flight segments have been canceled; Total value of your settlement for exchange has changed. Repeat calculation
4. MIX-112001 BadRequest MixOrderHasAlreadyBeenPaid
There are no orders for payment in the multicart
5. MIX-107006 BadRequest HasUnconfirmedServices
The order contains unconfirmed additional services, use the OrderRetrieve method to view it and repeat the request later
XII. PaymentValidation
1. MIX-107002 BadRequest InconsistentPaymentAmount
Payment amount ({paymentSum}) does not correspond to the full amount MixOrder ({orderSum})
2. MIX-107002 BadRequest InconsistentPaymentAmount
The specified form of payment does not match the form of payment for the created MixOrder
3. MIX-107003 BadRequest InconsistentPaymentCurCodes
Payment currency ({paymentCurCode}) does not match the currency MixOrder ({orderCurCode})
4. MIX-111005 BadRequest NotPaymentRequest
Payment request should not have PaxList specified
5. MIX-111005 BadRequest NotPaymentRequest
Only full payment allowed
6. MIX-111005 BadRequest NotPaymentRequest
For partial payment you must specify a list of orders
XIII. Common for orders
1. MIX-100005 BadRequest OrderNotFound
Order {orderId} was not found or has expired
2. MIX-100005 BadRequest OrderNotFound
Orders ({string.Join(',', orderIds)}) not found or expired
3. MIX-111001 BadRequest MixOrderNotFound
Multicart {mixOrderId} not found
4. MIX-111003 BadRequest OrderNotFoundByTicket
The order by ticket number {ticketNumber} was not found or has expired
5. MIX-111004 BadRequest OrdersNotInMixOrder
The following orders are not included in the Multicart: {string.Join(',', invalidOrderIds)}
  • Error "it isn't possible to get the seats": specifies that there are restrictions on booking made by the host. These restrictions are imposed by the airline.

  • Error «sale is prohibited»: specifies either the flight is closed or there are no seats. The answer also comes from the airline.